More Time is Better Than More Money

I like to think I’ve traveled the necessary and have probably binged enough on a generous amount of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Parts Unknown to fully realize there is without question more value to be gained by embracing travel opportunities than avoiding them. There’s the whole aspect of a better comprehension of the world - culture, people, beliefs, ideas - all of which would leave you with a deeper understanding of the rhythm of local life and cross-examining their circumstances with yours and feeling a sense of transformation inside because of it.

As Michael Greig adamantly states, “nothing can make you thankful for the blessings in your own life the same way that meeting people who donʼt have enough food or water can.”

But above all this, regardless of how much anyone tells you how traveling will undoubtedly change you for the better, one can’t deny the fact that money seems to be the sole factor which prevents people from leaving the job they loathe, the life that makes them unhappy and to chase their aspiration to travel the world. Without money is seems unrealistic, insane, impossible, impractical.

Well, Kevin Kelly has travelled in every sort of way imaginable. Your’e thinking it and he’s probably embarked on it and out of the 40 years of traveling he’s amassed under his belt, the one sage advise he chooses to share with all of us is one that I hold in high esteem because it eradicates the notion that it’s imperative for you to have a sizable amount of money before even considering traveling. For Kevin, it's “far better to have more time than money.”

To this he adds -