Having Babies Makes You Better at Work

One of the things I often struggle with as a photographer has very little to do with the technical intricacies of a camera or even that inevitable segment in your creative journey where you’re still testing and evaluating to see where exactly in the broad spectrum of photography styles you see yourself placed. Undoubtedly, I experienced all that and while I’m still continuously learning and pretending to know what I’m doing, my biggest wrestle I would say I have pertains to time. There’s very little of it to go around which is exactly the moment in which this whole aspect about art being a sacrifice comes into play.

I wrote about evaluating time a while back, but having recently read a piece by Heather Havrilesky on how Having Babies Makes You Better at Work, it immediately positioned things in a much greater frame of mind, especially as a father of 2 amazing kids. Heather says:

I may grumble every now and then, whenever I find myself limited with time to do anything but it immediately subsides when I continously see people who have zero responsibilities and unreservedly waste their time because they have an abundance of it. If there's anything that my kids who have taught me is that "your own time on earth is very limited. Recognizing that — and savoring the time you have left — isn't hell, surprisingly enough. It's paradise" because it's then you're able to dedicate time to things which are significant and eliminate the ones that are not in your life.