Food Photography & Artificial Lighting 101

Lighting in photography is very well an art, a craft, a science and it’s this very highly-regarded thinking which makes it borderline terrifying. Nevertheless, I’m well aware that mastering artificial light will always be one of the best ways to get ahead because it still makes a difference in the marketplace. There’s always a hunger for lighting information on my part and while Strobist will forever be a foundational site to consider, I recently came across an article regarding artificial lighting by New York based photographer Vanessa Rees.

I was intrigued the moment she prefaced her blog post with the following statement:

At the moment, I can't justify investing more that $1,000 on a basic lighting kit, which I don't think I may have to anyways because I was leaning towards buying the AlienBees B800 flash units Vanessa was suggesting and which work amazingly and are not as hard on the wallet.

She's also layed out another article detailing on food photography and the technical basics which I highly recommend reading.