Making A Contribution

You can’t control the amount of time you spend on this planet, but you can control what you contribute while you’re here. These contributions don’t have to be major endeavors...You don’t have to create big contributions, you just need to live out small ones each day.

As I compose this, it’s been roughly 2 weeks since the family and I returned from our traditional long weekend getaway before the Summer comes to a closure. We purposely time it 2 weeks prior to Labor Day because quite honestly, who want to get caught up in that whole hoopla and deal with overpriced lodging expenditures and a battalion of beach goers.

Since then, I haven’t picked up my camera. It’s been tucked away carefully in the camera bag that hangs on the doorknob of the home office closet. I guess one can say I’ve been in a funk. Busy with work, the kids, life and just reflecting on my photography, evaluating as to whether the type of work I’m creating for myself now has made me grow as a person. It’s certainly introduced me to more people but there’s always that nagging question in the back of my mind questioning as to whether what I’m doing now is making a difference. Am I doing enough?

And then of course I come across this amazingly inspiring article by James Clear in which he indicate that “if you’re looking to make a difference in the world, creating is not only a foundational piece of living a healthy and happy life, but also a meaningful one. Make good conversation. Make good art. Make good adventure. But above all, make something.”

So the fact that I’m even remotely interested in photography scientifically proves that I’m inherently predisposed to be happier. Which I honestly am. I can’t imagine what I would be do with the very little spare time I may come across had I not been so vested in photography.