In Studio with Kennedy Yanko

My arrival to Kennedy’s studio was completely unexpected. In fact, I generally correspond a few days or weeks in advance with anyone who I may potentially be working with, just to iron out and coordinate any logistical stuff but this time around, Kennedy and I got in contact literally an hour before I arrived.

I had my equipment, she was at the outset of embarking on a new project that involved a departure from the customary color palette she uses and without much hesitation, I began documenting her process.

With regard to the 2 muscular copper statues I couldn't help noticed nestle in the corner of her studio which she had been awarded 2nd & 4th place in bikini competition, Kennedy said:

“Yeah, I'm planning on giving those away to a friend who melts metal. Having competed already gave me a solid foundation for all my endeavors and desires. It's taught me so many great things: organization, discipline, prioritizing, and above everything else, strength of mind. All of which has translated seamless to how I approach everything I do with my art."

It was an absolute pleasure spending some time with Kennedy. What I found interesting was that despite her having been displaying her work since the age of 15, she still until this very day still considers herself as an emerging artist. Very humble, and all around awesome person.