50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Because of photography, I’ve become acquainted with a lot of invidivuals (Aimee & Avian) who I probably would not have met otherwise. Among them are people who’s career revolves around putting someone through tough workouts, leaving them gasping for air on the gym floor but more importantly, helping them change their lifestyle all together. They’re personal trainers. This is their livelihood. Their wisdom pays the bills and the work they do takes takes time. A lot more than a few days on the weekend. It’s how they survive and in view of that, I’m always very gun-shy in attempting to fire off any fitness related questions to them because by doing so, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m taking advantage without at least providing anything of value in return. 

Granted there have been instances where they’ve generously provided me with so much insight on how to truly begin to understand the science of how our body works even when I may not have begged for it.  In general, to fully educate yourself in a space, there’s no question you can’t heavily rely on people to always give you the answers, even if it entails plowing through extra piles of incertitude, especially with regard to fitness.

I wanted to share with you some quick nuggets of insight from a book that has helped me tremendously to understand what it truly means to get in shape. The kind of info which I’ve honestly haven’t come across in many fitness magazine because I assume they’re scared of sharing the truth on what it takes to get fit and you’ll probably won’t be back to buy the slew of unnecesary products they want you to believe you need. The book is called Muscle Myths: 50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making by Mike Mathews and if you have a Kindle, it’s literally only $0.99.

Here’s some quick takeaways: 

  • The bottom line is if you don’t follow an eating plan and know how many calories you’re eating every day and why, you’ll never achieve the type of body that you dream of.
  • While sweating is great for keeping your skin clear, more sweating unfortunately does not equal more fat loss. Any extra weight you lose is simply water weight, and your body will quickly gain it back once you rehydrate.
  • Cardio can help your body repair muscle damage quicker because it increases blood flow. This helps your body build the muscle back up more quickly and remove the waste, which results in an all-around faster recovery.
  • If you’re a guy, the mystical secret to a sexy stomach is to get your body fat percentage under 12%. Yup, that’s it. When your body fat percentage approaches 10%, your abs become clearly visible whether you directly train them or not. If you’re a woman, getting your body fat percentage under 20% will get you a flat, lean, toned stomach. That’s all there is to it (although exact numbers vary by body type, of course).
  • Only two meals need be set in stone: your pre- and post-workout meals. Your pre-workout meal should contain about 30 grams of protein and carbohydrates, and your post-workout meal should contain about the same amount of protein and between 30–40% of your total daily carbs.

The reason why I’ve placed so much emphasis in staying fit and seeing how much of a physical change I can do to my body with proper nutrition and commitment is because I in no way desire to be a father that can’t keep up with their energetic child as they grow older. I’ve inherently always been an active person but my ambition at the moment is to take it to the next level a lot of which includes learning how to properly fuel your body based on what aesthetic look you going for, which workouts are most effective, learning to managed your macros, lowering body fat percentage and mostly importantly not wavering on the consistency.