Portrait Photography: Working with Natural Light

Skillshare has without doubt built a really wonderful platform and enriched such a wonderful community where people are excited not just to teach but to learn from one another. I can’t specifically recall how I came across the platform but I immediately signed up for a Premium Membership because the amount of classes I kept saving with the potential of watching one day was getting out of hand and more interesting enough, they extended outside the reach of photography itself. For example, I’m now interested in hand-lettering.

Skillshare is a community for lifelong learners and with regard to photography, I continually strive to observe not just other people’s work but more importantly what their process was like in getting to the end result. I love portraiture. It’s an area that I am to improve at and what better way than from someone who’s work I’m always mesmerized with: Benjamin Heath. I took his first Portraits and Places class last year and he now just came out with yet another fantastic one but this time pertaining more to how to work with natural light which I highly recommend.

I obviously don’t mind paying for knowledge but my only very small little grip with Skillshare classes is that I often feel them to be too short. I wish they were a bit longer and if that came at a higher price, I’ll be more than welcome to pay.