The Other Chinatown

Very often, we all obsess about planning our next travel adventure. I do it all the time but then reality creeps in and you quickly realize that while you may have the liberty to strategize a few getaways within a year, you’re essentially left to fend for yourself in finding ways to uncover and appreciate the very culture you’re seeking to experience abroad. Luckily, I live in New York, so the ability to immerse yourself in a culture vastly different from yours is unquestionably a subway, a bus ride or a drive away and it’s a privilege I remind myself not to ever take for granted.

The day after receiving the iPhone 7 Plus, I happened to be off from work and I was eager to test out the device, so I made the drive over to what I refer to as The Other Chinatown located in Flushing, Queens. Perhaps not as frequently visited by many photographers as much as the one in downtown Manhattan but as far as proximity, this one is easier for me to get to without having to enduring the dreadful subway ride into the city.

Equipment I brought with me:

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • FeiyuTech Pro 3 for smooth video recording which I actually brought along with me to Cuba back in April and haven't used since then
  • Anker battery packs to refuel iPhone battery

I still consider myself very late in embracing video but it’s these little explorations which will ignite my interest to experiment with it more even if it’s simply with my iPhone for now.