Maria Sivakova

I love New York. I really do but very often I go through this phase where I find it extremely difficult to be inspired by any of the familiar sights or locations unless I’m going out of my way to take someone who’s never been there before. On top of that, I welcome the challenge to be able to photograph a setting differently irrespective of how many times I’ve visited in the past.

I had the opportunity hang around with Maria Sivakova around various spots in New York. I love her description of herself: “I am the shortest model in New York and I am not afraid to say that out load because I consider this as my strongest advantage for my career.”

As a side note, I’m slowly beginning to experiment with video and the way I see it, the only avenue in which I can become become more acclimate with it is taking the time to incorporate it into my work whenever I can, even if it means using an iPhone.