48hrs in Hudson, NY


Hudson, New York is such a lovely place to visit. The township itself boast over 50+ antique shops, 18 art galleries and more than 20 noteworthy restaurants all of which you’ll probably need more than 3 days to fully explore and yet in spite of its distinct offerings, what I love the most about Hudson is that it still manages to maintain a small-town charm about it that makes you coming back year after year. In fact this was our second visit.

This year rather than break my head ruminating on what other tangible thing to possibly gift my wife for her birthday, I instead surprised her with a 2-day getaway to Hudson. I would have loved to escape a bit longer but due to the busy retail holiday work schedule, we settled with what we could get. In addition to a birthday celebration, our escape with equally a great opportunity for us to spend time alone as a couple. The daily routine of work and parenthood can very easily overshadow the fact that your relationship prior to kids began with just you and your partner as a loving couple enjoying each other’s company without any other worry other than determining where to dine or what movie to cozy up to on the couch on a chilly autumn night.

Even until now, I continue to have this internal struggle with accepting that it’s ok for Vanessa and I to enjoy each other’s company away from the kids in form of a quick escape without feeling guilty. Something inside often makes me feel like a bad parent but out of the 2 instances that we’ve done it, my parents have always surprised us with the feedback that they kids hardly asked for us which leads me to believe the majority of this guilt is all in my head.

There’s an assortment of destinations within a 3hr drive that we can potentially visit but Hudson has continuously offered us the serenity and charm we’re invariably looking for so we’ll continue to visit until it starts to feel like a second home.