WTC Oculus

The trepidation on my end was palpable. As I meandered through this gorgeous, hollow and immense white space, I must have asked a total of 3 different security personnels, each from varying departments as to whether I was indeed permitted to be one of those flabbergasted tourist and photograph in here. The space is not only a transportation hub that connects visitors to 11 different subway lines but it’s also a mall and the noteworthiness of the space is heighten even more not just by customary mall security but police and army men as well.

I’ve seen stunning photographs of the WTC Oculus long enough on Instagram to compel me to hop on the long avoided subway ride downtown and see if for myself. Once you’ve gotten the touristy side out of your system and you’re in the mood for exploring an area full of culture and impressive street photography opportunities, Chinatown is only a 15min away and you’ll quickly find yourself along Canal St which is what I did that day.