Getting Hired as a Photographer

If you just sit around and wait to get hired for work you’ve never shot or work you’ve never put out into the world but that you want to do then how in the hell is anyone going to find you. They’re not going to know that you care. You can’t just expect that something is going to happen from nothing.

If there’s one piece of advice you should ever take to heart when it comes to striving to make it as a photographer, it should without question be this one. It’s the one that has a bigger chance of making an impact on your creative journey as oppose to taking the traditional route of getting fixated on gear. Don’t tell me what you shoot with or how many cameras you own. Instead feel free to share what you’ve done with them on your spare time while no one is looking.

A little side note as to how I monetarily fuel my personal shoots. I use to manually side aside $50 every 2 weeks when I got paid but now, I automated the entire process by setting up a Simple Bank account where $50 is automatically transferred to it which is where I subsequently draw money from whenever I need it just for photographic purposes.