Over Roosevelt Island


Lately, I've gotten a lot more comfortable with the ability to tuck away the camera loaded with photos I've taken on any given day and where I’ve spent more time thinking what attracted me about photography in the first place as oppose to wondering if any of the photos will be worth sharing.

Like most creatives, I'm currently finding myself in a artistic rut where we tend to question everything we've dedicate so much time creating up to this point and whether we're good enough to continue. I hate this feeling but I guess you would have to be delusional in thinking this wave of uncertainly wouldn't creep up from time to time. It’s how you choose to deal with that ultimatley determines the outcome.

On a typical day off, I would plan days in advance as to what I would love to shoot by coordinating with people, booking a studio or at least sending out a visual representation to someone to illustrate what I have in mind but this particular day there was none of that.

My time as a parent is very limited, so with 5 years of experience in, I'm hardcore wired to planning sh*t out and making use of my time wisely. But sometimes I don't want none of that. Sometimes I'm reminded of that scene in the movie Up in the Air where Anna Kendrick's characters envisions what it would be like to enthusiastically show up at the airport, walk up to the travel board highlighting outgoing flights and randomly pick a destination without worry and see where life takes you.

Of course, my decisions can't be that drastic so the closest experience I can equate this to is showing up at train station and getting off at a stop that would at least offer a unique place to reflect and obtain a birds-eye view of place you've called home. Seven train stops later, I found myself at Roosevelt Island and this was the result.

The cost of riding the tram is the same as riding the subway ($2.25), so with a Metrocard loaded with $20 I had forgot I even owned, I made the easy and retrospective commute into Manhattan twice just to at least be certain that I was pleased with the shots I had taken.