Creating Content That Builds Your Personal Brand

I’ll give you the biggest tip when it comes to content creation: Document. Don’t create.

I enjoy writing. In fact, once parental responsibilities at night have began to subside at the point where the kids will actually admit they’re exhausted and fall asleep, I dedicate about 25 minutes thereafter to collect my thoughts a bit and chronicle stuff into Evernote. It’s stuff which may or may not be published later on the site. Sometimes the flow of thoughts comes natural and other times, it’s a constant battle in trying to live up to an expectation in my head of things I assume people want to hear which in the end leaves me crippled to publish anything.

There’s nothing more debilitating than to dwell too much on what you want to write about. It’s find for you to ruminate a bit as to how you hope to phrase anything so that your message is not misinterpreted in delivery but overall, I’m reminded by Gary’s sage advice in that we should just stop focusing so much on wanting to “create” sh*t but instead to “document” whatever it is we’re going through.

As an avid photographer, I get ecstatic to see friends who publicly announce they’ve going all in with they’re photography. I internally root for the beautiful work they’re able to create for their client’s but we all know that the best work we put out there doesn’t always necessarily represent everything you had to go through to make it a reality. There’s some unplanned sh*t which went wrong that you might feel the need to brush off and not think about ever again but I can assure you that it’s those very unpredictable mishaps that will make up the essence of what you should be willing to “document” and share with people who look up to you as oppose to pretending that everything you touch is gold and that nothing ever goes wrong.

I really think this is the essence of what Gary is getting at. He says, “I believe that the people who are willing to discuss their journeys instead of trying to front themselves as the next big thing are going to win."

There’s no more respect I have towards a person than when they keep it real and so I should take that same esteem and hold myself to the same standard. I definitely don’t have a lot for this photography stuff figured out but what better way than to share what I know and what I don’t on this very space of mine.