Simple Lighting for Portraits

Whether you’re super familiar with his work or not, I’m sure you’ve at least come across one of Peter’s hyperactive workshops videos on YouTube and have probably wondered “what is up with this guy?” Believe me, I use to think the same thing. It's what made it difficult at first for me to actually absorb a lot of what he was teaching due to his prominent personality but the reality is he truly knows his sh*t which is why I decided to actually invest in one of his courses. Lighting is an area I’ve become less intimidated with and I hope to incorporate it more into my work.

There’s numerous places to purchase photography tutorials but my go-to for these type of investments have always been through CreativeLive. They are pricer than something like Skillshare but I rather pay the extra money that deliver triple the value and content. There’s a total of 32 modules in this workshop and while it might have taken me 2 weeks to finalize it, I can tell you I’ve never walked away more energized to continue experimenting with all the simplified fundamentals of light Peter fully explained.

The money quote in the whole course is: “It's easy to spend a lot of time working on complicated lighting set-ups when your best light is often right in front of you.