Test Shoot with E.Taylor

CreativeLive is this amazing online platform founded back in 2010 by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson, where they essentially connect you with the world’s top creatives LIVE with an audience. Anyone can watch the live online workshops for free but in the event you miss you, you still have the ability to purchase them after. As someone who’s purchased several online photography workshops in the past on many other services, I can tell that the amount of value you’re getting here for what you pay is incredible.

Back in December I purchased my first CreativeLive class none other than by Joey L entitled Commercial Portraiture. I’ve been a huge long-time admirer of his work, specifically his approach on how he lights his portraits. It was a no-brainer investing on a 19-lesson jam-packed course that I can reference over and over again, take notes, extract some pointers, and ultimately apply what I’ve learned on a test-shoot of my own. It would have been impossible for me to have withdrawn myself from any family obligations just so that I can devote solitary time to sit through the entire course which is why I was perfectly fine having consumed it in 2 weeks instead.

Recently, my friend Taylor had the incline to experiment shooting a sexy boxer concept she’d be mulling over for a while and so I took that as the opportunity to do a test-shoot and apply some of the basic lighting techniques I had learned from the Joey’s workshop. In the course, Joey is utilizing some very costly lighting equipment which I honestly can’t justify purchasing at the moment, which is why I focused on using what I currently own instead.

Gear Used:

Depending on the look you’re going for, I feel as though the whole motive behind using off-camera flash is to accentuate your subject but in a way where the light itself doesn’t dominate the final image. In this case, it may not seem like I used any lighting and that I focused solely on the available ambient light but I can assure that wasn’t the case. In the end, I walked away very pleased with the final portraits and like anything else, in order to reach that level of comfort with new equipment, it’s a matter of repetition.