How to Write a Better Photography Bio

Writing about yourself is brutal. It feels weird even thinking about it and the main reason being that we’re never really too sure where to start. We’re nervous in that anything we say might come across as boastful. Not that I’m close to being perfectly satisfied with my About page on the site since I’m constantly changing it but the reality is that we shouldn’t spend a crazy amount of time trying to craft a whimsical tale about ourselves that we think people will enjoy. Instead, we should honestly focus on the facts about us and hopefully our unique life story will resonate with people in conjunction with the work we choose to put out there as photographers.

Jeff Guyer made a solid list of pointers of what you should and should not bother including in your bio as a photographer. My personal favorite to avoid: My Gear. I personally never saw the value or reason for wanting to list every single piece of gear you use because in the end a client could care less as long as you can get the job done. To me the most important one…”use your own voice.” If it doesn’t sound like someone you might want to hang out with the I would say the bio needs a little more work.