No One Will Make Us Do The Things We Love

So many of us drop our favorite activities as we transition into adulthood. I think the reason comes down to one simple fact: No one will make us do the things we love. There’s no taskmaster demanding that we pick up the paintbrush or play the cello or write a poem. The realities of life do demand that we earn a living. And after we come home from work, it’s always going to be easier to stay in, crack open a beer, and let a screen entertain us.

The reason a lot of us more or less stick to a routine in our lives is because it creates a structure. If gives our day a more methodical and calming feeling rather than a chaotic and complicated one. In a way, a routine allows us to kinda conserve our energy for things that really matter as oppose to battling it out each day trying to figure things out. But of course the downside to all this is that routines have a tendency to make us lazy and perhaps more detrimental, it can make life borderline boring.

For me, I’m a husband, I’m a father and the combo of those 2 sets the stage for what it looks like having 2 back-to-back jobs while making sure I’m not dropping the ball in either department. Aside from that there’s still the going to work element which occupies the majority of our time. So between all of this, how can one possibly have time to dedicate towards anything else? Some don’t but in reading Freddie’s brilliant piece, it’s obvious that it’s in our best interest to make sure that in spite of all the responsibilities we have going on in our lives, it’s crucial that we still allow ourselves to rejoice in the things that make us feel fulfilled as a person.

Some people are fortunate to have the type of career that encapsulates their passion, their life purpose and their goals all wrapped nicely into one. But for those of us that in not in that position, “no one is going to make you do the things you love.” If your body and your mind aches for that creativity you’re not able to express at work, it’s up to you to make time for it. I’m not a professional photographer in the sense that I don’t make a living out of it but boy do I go out of my way to make sure I always have time too dedicate towards it and you should too regardless of what this side passion is.