Portraits Under Pressure with Victoria Will

Online photography courses to me are very much alike a good book in that just within the phase of poring over the first few chapters, you can confidently assess and anticipate how worthwhile the rest of the ride will be all the way to the end. You don’t even have to have finished the course yet, which is the case for me now with this new CreativeLive class I purchased by Victoria Will entitled Portraits Under Pressure.

In it, she talks about techniques for choosing light, process and locations for a successful portrait session and perhaps even way more important, I love seeing so far how she seamlessly builds rapport with her subject even way before she’s shot anything. It’s about learning how to make your subjects feel comfortable in only a few moments while delivering like a professional. The course is seriously jam-packed with value, so much so that I’ve purchased it 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t been able to finish although, I mostly attribute this to only being able to get chapters in at night once the kids have fallen asleep.

Price-wise, it’s always fluctuating and at the time of writing this, it’s currently $90 and sometimes it goes back to the original $129 but even so, it’s so worth the investing. I love platforms like Skillshare but very often just when the classes are about to end, I’m left with wanting so much more and that’s where I feel CreativeLive takes over because it gives you so much more to a point where you need days to devour it.

By the way, this is the second CreativeLive class I've purchased both of which have been amazing and I highly recommend.