Compromising Your Artistic Vision

Posting content that isn’t GENUINE to who you are with the sole purpose of getting likes doesn’t help you or your audience in the long run. One day, these platforms will inevitably shift and disappear, but a unique voice and authentic style will always be timeless.

A lot has been said lately regarding this topic and the reality is, it’s become fairly easy to differentiate between those who are playing the Like game and those who have focused more on not only establishing a vision for the people they inspire but more importantly, they’ve a created a vision for themselves first. These are the people with the authentic voice and style. These are the people we’ve come to recognize because of how transparent they are in sharing their stories. By virtue of being themselves, they’ve established as to how they wished to be perceived by others as oppose to anyone else taking the liberty to decide for them and place them in a box.

Like Lisa said, even if a platform like Instagram went away, we would still know what these people are about which is an approach I wish more people would take as oppose to pretending to be something they’re not just because doing so is what will get them to top quickly. I rather play the long game.