24hrs in Miami

Up until earlier in the month, it must have been 4 years since I last visited Miami. As a recurring and self-proclaimed cruise enthusiast, the family and I use to fly down to the sunshine state because it’s where any of the cruises we booked departed from. Now we’ve kinda deviated from having to go to Miami and we’ve opted to take cruises from either New York itself in order to avoid flying as a whole or if we do, we embark from Puerto Rico instead.

Vanessa and I had the opportunity to visit Cuba, specifically for a photo assignment which I’m eager to share very soon but in order to even get to this hot-spot, we had to fly into Miami a day early so that we can guarantee being on time for our 7 a.m charter flight to Havana the following morning. So we essentially had an entire 24hrs to ourselves in Miami and being that we were on our own without the kids for the first time in a very long time, we took advantage of playing tourist.