How to Create Natural Light with Flash

The combination of actively practicing and meticulously observing how photographers incorporate off-camera flash into their work has undeniably made me less intimidated at the very idea of doing it myself. The trick for me and what I’m working towards is becoming more proficient in utilizing it in a way where you’re not even aware of its presence. There’s tons of places to find videos or writes up on how photographers approach a shoot using flash and among them for me has always been none other than the Profoto Blog.

Granted they’re obviously promoting there own products, which I hear nothing but amazing appraisals from but the technique and methods shared is something which can easily be applied in using either the flash equipment you already own or what you can afford. In my case, I’m still utilizing a Canon 430EX Speedlite in combination with a Sony A7II. Eventually I’ll upgrade to a more powerful setup within my price range but for now, what I have will do.

Fitness is a space I’ve always been fascinated with. Not necessarily just in doing it but in shooting it as well and so I welcome any new techniques I can absorb to add an extra punch to the way I currently shoot. By far this has to be one of my favorite tutorials in mixing ambient light with off-camera flash. Lifestyle photographer Adam Angelides does an amazing job giving us a BTS look on what led him to achieve some fantastic portraits! Filing this under my “must do” bin for sure!