Mat Rick

Prior to flying out to California this past weekend for a photography/creative retreat alongside other members of The Moment Collective, I met up with Mat once again to catch up and exchange a few stories after having recently returned from Cuba himself. When he’s not behind the camera, you’ll very often find him in front and so anytime we do meet, it’s opportunity for him to garner some more photographs to potentially use for promotional purposes and for me to polish my portraits skills. As someone who’s been in the freelance game for quite sometime, it’s always advantageous to be able to ask questions and receive honest answers because from the outside, a lot of times the life of a freelancer seems glamorous but there’s a lot involved which not many talk about.

As for the California trip…it was amazing to say the least and I’m hoping to get these out pretty soon at which point I’ll probably have to break into 2 pieces.