“I do X because of Y.”

If you can’t define what you’re attempting to do, you’re going to spend your first year with no clue about whether or not it’s working, whether or not you’re succeeding, whether or not you’re having any impact or gaining any traction or just pissing your time up a wall.

I keep hearing about this a lot. Literally. To a point where if everyone is declaring how significant it is, it’s because this mentality obviously has a proven record to serve as a sturdy foundation not just for what we aspire to accomplish in life but equally important the justification as to why. It’s all about the vision. Lewis Howes talks about this on his podcast all the time. His verbalization of it quite frankly serves as weekly jab to remind me how important it is. It’s all about creating a clarity as to what we envision our life to be like if we can have it our way and not that we can’t. I’m sure your outlook may differ from mine but just to put it out there, for me, it would involve being able to do for a living what I love (photography) while having the flexibility to spend the time with the people who fuel me; my 2 kids and my wife.

Very often I do receive compliments on my photography work and I’m asked if being a full-time photographer is something I have my mine set on. Rather than give an emphatic “YES!”, I find myself saying “Well, if it works out.” In retrospect, I can’t expect people to believe in me if I’m having a hard time having confidence in myself and once again, it all comes back to having a clear vision everyone talks about as oppose to walking around aimlessly hoping everything falls into place.

All this is to say that yes, I will become a professional photographer and luckily I’ll have all this writing I do on this site to remind me the journey it took to get to where I ultimately want to be.