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 Gave Vanessa a crash course on using Texture & now I'm having difficulty getting iPad back

Gave Vanessa a crash course on using Texture & now I'm having difficulty getting iPad back

I'm halfway through my third digital magazine using Texture in 2 days when I had to suddenly stop and ask myself: how is this possible when in the real world, I'm lucky to even find the quietest corner in the house to indulge on 1 physical publication. Lets backtrack a bit:

So here’s why I love reading magazines:

  • As a graphic design major the visual elements from the photography to the layout is captiviting to me

  • It keeps me inform and inspired to expand on topics I may only have fleeting knowledge of

  • Provides just another reason to read. I love writing and a lot of times to even get motivated to begin on a single sentence, it’s become a prerequisite for me to first read a magazine article so that I can get in the writer’s mindset.

  • It’s by far the easiest way to place a name to a photographer’s work which I may have seen in the past but had no idea who shot it until now. I literally have an ongoing list in Evernote of photographers who I’ve discovered in publications such as Conde Nast, AFAR, Men’s Fitness, Esquire, etc who by now I know are regulars and who I now follow their careers

Here’s why I had suddenly stopped:

  • They got too expensive

  • The clutter was becoming unbearable after I read them

  • I constantly felt dupe by the overamount of advertisement on every other page and not enough quality content to justify paying the high price

  • I couldn’t keep up when new issues came out and sometimes I would go crazy trying to find an issue in several places because certain magazine stands didn’t carry a particular publication. Very annoying.

How Texture made me fall in love with magazines again:

I had already fully embraced the digital world as an avid podcast listener, Kindle user, Spotify subcriber, Netflix enthusiast and yet there really wasn’t anything in the magazine realm occupying that void left when I gradually stopped reading them until now. For $9.99 a month, with Texture, you literally get unlimited access to all weekly and monthly magazines. What? Yep! My immediate reaction and fear with things that sound too good to be true is to become a customer on the spot to increase the odds they’ll be around for a long time.

What I love the most:

Without question the ability to Save To Collections. You can essentially save stories that resonated with you the most and reference back to them whenever, either on the same device or another. For me, I’m not just saving articles. In fact, you can create as many Collections as you want all intented to stock stories based on topics or themes and I wanted to share with you what I currently have going on in the app.

As of now, I have 6 existent Collections all of which serve a purpose:

  • Heathy Reads - Pretty straightforward. They contain fitness related articles.

  • Editorial Layouts - Often time I’m captiviate not just by a story and it’s accompanying imagery but additionally the manner in which it was presented. This tends to be the case in travel magazines like AFAR or Conde Nast. Content is such beautifully layed out that I’m often inspired to extract influence from several and inject into my own work when I publish on the website.

  • That Look - This is a huge one for me because this is were I save all those stunning editorial shoots that attract and inspire me from the photographer I most admire. In the last couple of years, the more committed I’ve become to improving behind the camera, the more I’ve come to realize that the pressing of the shutter is not even half the reason as to why people may hire you. It’s ultmately for your vision and this typically calls for you to have the ability to preside over several roles that you never accounted for at the beggining. Creative direction and styling by far one of the biggest ones. There’s literally been several instances I’ve purchase clothes on my own for shoot simply because I was struck by a vision at the moment with a certain look and it's ultimately up to me to cobble together the pieces to make the vision come alive.

  • Entertainment - I’m not personally addicted to celebrty gossip. There life is there life and I honestly get no value from knowing who’s dating who or who’s cheating on who but there are those rare ocassions when a very cogent piece on a very influential person is published such as Gabby Douglas with making it to the Olympics, Leonardo Dicaprio regarding climate change or Idris Elba sharing his thoughts on working hard and sleeping less. Stories like this are inspiring to me which makes more than willing to continuing hold them as a person to such high regard.

  • Recipes - Tons of delicious stuff to try out mostly from Bon Appetit, Men’s Health, Shape (Women’s Magazine but there’s ALWAYS tends to be more delicious recipies here than in a men’s magazine), and Men’s Fitness.

  • Ideas - Mostly regarding home living concepts and suggestions which I pull out from Real Simple Magazine.

  • Good to Know: The one article in AFAR Magazine that prompt me to begin this Collection was one entitled How to Buy Turkish Carpets. Everything from choosing the most reputable shop, to already having a size, color and material in mind to carefully examining them before offering to buy. Since then, I've saved numerous articles in here pertaining to fascinating tidbits of information to know for whenever you find yourself in situations you never thought possible.

Quick sidenotes:

  • The New & Noteworthy section is absolute golden! It’s literally kept me abreast of great reads from magazines I probably would have never bothered giving a try if it came down to having to continue spending money on them.

  • Every now and then, as I’m reading a magazine, there’s small nuggets of joy that pop up when you realize an article you’re enjoying has either audio, video or other digital exclusives baked into it. So cool!

  • We have 2 iPads at home, one primary for my kids and one my wife and I use, well more her than I. The only real reason I even borrowed the iPad at all was because Flipboard is way more enjoyable to browse on it but it seems I have another reason to want to borrow it more. The unfortunate part is, I gave my wife a crash course on what Texture is all about and since then, I’ve yet to have a turn myself with the iPad.

This post was not sponsored by Texture. All opinions are mind and I've gladly subscribed to the service by paying on a monthly basis.