How To Make A Living Doing What You Love

Accept that doing what you love is more difficult than doing what you don’t. Everything is at stake. You are more raw and vulnerable than you could conceive. You are building a legacy. It is terrifying. It is gorgeous. It will be worth it. Because this is not just how you build a living.

As banal as it may sound, having the good fortune to support yourself financially doing something you’re extremely passionate about is a lot like falling in love. Sometimes you may only think you want it. To me, Shawn Binder said it best: “The difference between falling in love with the idea of someone and the person themselves is the way you think of them right before you fall asleep.” Think about that.

With regard to photography and how this relates to me and perhaps even you is realizing how quickly enamored we can become with the idea of what it would be like becoming a full-time photographer while not considering that it entails a lot more than just owning the expensive equipment, showing up, pressing the shutter and moving on to the next job. Indeed it may seem glamorous from the outside but that’s only because I don’t think most professional photographers are as vocal enough in sharing the stuff that may seem inconsequential to them but valuable to us who often daydream about being in their shoes one day.

If there’s one article I highly recommend for any creative to read with respect to the realities of being able to do what you love for a living one day is this one by Brianna Wiest. Absolutely brimming with golden advise.