Bianca Vesco

There was a solid stretch of years where I would essentially walk out the door and hope for the best to capture anything with my camera. Literally no direction. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach but when you’re pressed for time to do anything outside the scope of work or parental responsibilities, you’re kinda compelled to reevaluate your strategy and begin structuring any outings in a way where it aligns mores strongly with where your interest is as oppose to finding one. For me, I’ve become obsessed with the fitness culture, the numerous settings in which it’s performed and more importantly, the people who are inspiring you and me to make more part of our daily lives.

Through the mysterious magic of Instagram’s Explore page, I discovered Bianca. She’s an instructor/trainer in several gyms in New York City, she’s a Wilhelmina model, and quite frankly, an all around beautiful person in the sense that you can’t help appreciate what she stands for not just by what you may initially see but the moment you start having deep conversations about life and how what she does extends much further than her.

Prior to a 10am training class in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a Sunday morning, I met up with Bianca to walk the neighborhood she actively trains at but apparently hasn’t had the time to explore, so it was a pleasure showing her what she’s been missing out on.