iPhone 7+ Ring Light Portraits

Wow, how stunning are these? Absolutely beautiful! We’re half way there already but I’m very confident that in a few years, we’ll resort to stop being so overly surprise with the capabilities an iPhone or any mobile device has because by default now, it’s amazing what you can produce with it, so imagine years down the road. I love the simplicity of Dan’s setup. Literally an iPhone 7+ which the purpose of the shoot was to test out it’s telephoto lens capabilities and the other element was a ring light.

I upgraded to an iPhone 7+ and I’ve been floored with how amazing and convenient the built in duo lens has been. A couple days in already and you can’t resist the feeling like this is how it should have been all along. As a side note, I’ve been dying to experiment portrait work with a ring-light so Dan has convinced me to just go ahead and make the investment in it.