Summery Brooklyn Bridge Park

Now that I recall correctly, last year I missed out on attending Photoville - that unconventional yet amazing photography festival where photographs are displayed in shipping containers all with one simple premise behind it - exhibit the highest of quality work to the most amount of people. If I had to guess, I’d say work and parental responsibilities came up which left me with little to no spare time to make it out to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

This year it was different, not just in the location of the festival itself, which ended up being right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge but also the planning my attendance. I explored with some new and old friends who it was great to catch up with but before meeting up, I wandered around the area at probably one of the most premier times you could ever find yourself in this setting. Brooklyn Heights it’s changing. With every new sporadic visit, there seems to more more latest buildings being erected yet not necessarily taking away from the main attraction of this place - the beautiful New York skyline.

The last time I spent this amount of time exploring was one foggy morning after Christmas, a stark contrast to what it’s like in the Summer but despite the weather or the time of year, for me, I find it important to make it out very often as a reminder how beautiful New York it because very often I tend to take it for granted.