Nikeva + Hotel 48Lex


Nikeva’s modeling career constantly has her traveling back and forth between LA and New York attending casting calls, photo shoots and whenever a window of opportunity comes up with some downtime, we’ve always been fortunately enough that our schedule matches up perfectly to catch up in person and work together on a shoot. This time our encounter was extra special because she currently has a lot of exciting projects in the works not just within the realm of accustom in seeing her but also TV. In addition that, we happened to have the amazing opportunity to shoot within the Hotel 48Lex hotel which made her visit even more special.

Hotel 48Lex is this beautiful luxury establishment located in Midtown Manhattan, situated in a prime location at the corner of prestigious Lexington Ave and 48th St. Very close to Time Square, New York’s iconic Theater District and essentially any place you could ever imagine visiting in the Big Apple.

Once we wrapped up, we had some additional time left, so we decided to experiment with shooting video, something I’ve been nervous but excited to do. Once I go back home and began editing what I shot, of course there’s so many aspects of the video shoot that I feel I could have approached better but having been my first attempt at it, I was very pleased with how it turned out and I’m excited to start incorporating more motion into the shoots I do.