The Podcast I Listen To

Radio shows have always existed. I may have never matured into a loyalist listener the way my grandfather did towards his evening shows, but for me the straight-forward equivalence of his commitment to audio enjoyment comes in the form of podcast. If well produced, there’s a timeless attribute to each episode, allowing your imagination to fill in the blanks and make you feel engaged. It really adds a new dimension to the content.

I hardly listen to music. In fact, up until now, I have no qualms about having cancelled my Spotify membership. I’m all about podcast and the reality is that regardless of what interest you may have in any topic, there’s a chance there’s a podcast for it and once that consistency ethic kicks in about listening to them, believe me you’ll be hooked.

 When I'm not self-educating through books, I'm more than likely listening to a podcast.

When I'm not self-educating through books, I'm more than likely listening to a podcast.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage that “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and so I would say that the same principle applies to the type of material you consume. Without question, podcast have had a major influence in who I am as a person and in shaping my life. I easily listen anywhere from 15-25 shows a week, all covering a variety of topics, including some unfamiliar ones which I never thought I would have an interest in until you subsequently come across the right people who make a topic like business and economics more palatable.

Podcast are like books in that just because you “subscribed” to one, it doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to stick to it in the event you happen to lose interest down the road. Ditch and discover new ones! With that said, as of now, these are podcast I’m listening to on a weekly basis like clockwork in no particular order:

As for when I have the chance to listen to these you ask…the majority of time during my commute to work and a few at the gym. As if I didn’t subscribe to enough, the one type of podcast I’ve yet to find is one fully in Spanish. The only one I’m familiar with is Radio Ambulante but I’m searching for more!