Chelsea Aguiar

As I was editing this set I shot with Chelsea a few months ago, I was instantly reminded of an article I read entitled The Truth About Being a Strong Woman. An article deemed by many to be very fitting as we take into account our current gender dynamic in the country. In it, the author says:

There’s nothing more inspiring than a bad-ass woman because in my eyes they’re the ones who’ve set a precedent for how I aspire my own daughter to be like as she gets older. Of course, we can always read about these grounded and confident women but nothing beats the opportunity to meet a few and luckily there’s no shortage of them here in New York with Chelsea being one of them.


Chelsea was recently interviewed for Shape Magazine on What It's Really Like to be a Fitness Model which I encourage you to read as well as this video interview where Chelsea talks about the advice she would give herself to overcome the omni-present feeling of Imposter Syndrome when she first started her journey.