Alex Silver-Fagan

The impetus behind even meeting in Dumbo, Brooklyn with Alex was to shoot a concept we had both gone over for a few days and it was very much predicated shooting in a studio setting which I had booked. As the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything, so unfortunately the studio we had booked was not at all what we were anticipating based on the photos we had seen, so to say the least, we ditched the place and made the best of a beautiful Fall sunset.

I’ve known of Alex through her informative, inspiring and entertaining Instagram account and I’ve met her in passing at a few fitness event’s I’ve covered here in New York but this truly was the first time our conversation exceeded 3 minutes. She’s a NIKE Trainer and model, she works regularly with publications such as SHAPE, SELF, Women’s Health, and Cosmo just to name a few. Quite honestly, it’s difficult to imagine what can’t she do, especially when she’s beyond driven in every single aspect of her career and life.