My Most Important Daily Writing Assignment

During the week the alarm on my AppleWatch is set to 5am. Within that time, I get my stuff together and the kid's, so I can then make it out of the house by 5:30am and arrive at the gym by 6am. It's a routine I hardly every think about because I've done it more than 66 times and yet, I'm all about tweaking and incorporating little fun things into my pattern that may bring a smile to someone in the family.

A while back, CJ Chilvers wrote about a little morning routine he has which I recently embraced myself:

My son is 6 and I love seeing how excited he gets with telling us everyday that he discovered our note and knowing that the love and encouragement we write on that piece of paper is different everyday. "I wonder what it's going to be tomorrow" he says.

As a side note, these 7 Things Every Kid Needs to Hear has been making its round online which I think is very important for every parent to embrace and put into practice.