Planning and Shooting a Portrait Project

Sean Tucker, on a recent trip to South Africa set out to capture portraits of 3 men who have played a pivotal mentor role in his life. I'm a sucker for some well capture portraits and even more so when they're accompanied by a compelling backstory that validates their purpose. In the video, Sean equally goes into detail on his technique for lighting as well as the planing stages leading up to the shoot.

His lighting was simple, as it tends to be for a lot of the portrait photographers I admire such as Joey L. Sean used a Godox AD200 to light the portraits which coincidentally happens to be the light I'm very close to pulling the trigger on in combination with the Flashpoint Xplor 600.

At the moment I'm currently using a Canon 430EX and a Yongnuo YN560 IV speed-light which have served me great thus far but the more I've delve deeper into the fitness space the less these two units have been able to keep up with photographing moving subjects.

As for personal projects...I'm really excited about a portrait series I've marinated on too long already and that I'll execute for the New Year. What other inspiration other than Sean's video do I need? I say none!