Yo Akalu + Brooklyn

I really want to begin establishing this habit of not just publishing photos I take but also to speak more on the topic of how I carried out any particular session because it allows me to reflect back on what worked and what areas of opportunities were left behind.

A year ago, the very idea of even utilizing an off-camera flash was so foreign and intimidating that at one point I internally considered myself just a natural light photographer. In fact, I've seen that very description in people's bio before. Eventually I came around and realized I was just looking for excuses not to fail in something I knew would be difficult to comprehend. Fast-forward to now and I currently own more light modifier that I ever thought I would ever use.

I've always been very intrigued by the use of gels but before I can actually commit to renting out a studio, which cost money, a good friend of mine Yo Akalu (shoot 1 & shoot 2) was kind enough to have me over at her place to do some test shoots. I was very please with how the portraits turned out considering it was my first time.

Gear Used:

BTS setup: Photek HSD-60 umbrella & a Godox 80x80cm softbox with gels.


Towards the end of our indoor experimentation, we had a little bit of time left, so we took advantage of some lingering sunlight and took some shots on her epic Brooklyn rooftop in which case I still utilized the Godox 80x80cm softbox.