Shoot like a Pro?

If 100% of your income is not coming from your photography and you're more like me, where I'm functioning on the sidelines while maintaining full time employment with a company, it's natural for us to ponder what it's like pursuing photography professionally. I know I have and luckily, I have colleagues in the industry who are very candid in sharing their ups and downs in spite of how magical and unworried the professional may seem from a bird's-eye view.

It's hard shit and if there's anyone who's a true wordsmith in dishing out the type of information you're not willing to hear because we're too enamored with the idea of being a full-time photographer it's David duChemin. As a side note, I own several of his books, which I've refused to buy digital versions in spite of being a true Kindle fanatic simply because I love the feel of the hardcopy as well as referencing back to the endless notations made on it throughout the years.

David recently talked about what it's like being a pro photographer and while I encourage you to read the entire article, I couldn't help squeeze out the real eye-opening points made if by any chance we've failed to consider that being a professional photographer is not so much about shooting all the time but about everything surrouding it: