Solace: Strong New York

My basic understanding of CrossFit came through the much talked about documentary Fittest on Earth, which I watched on Netflix. The film ushers us into this behind-the-scenes look at the pre-game training and absolute torture the competitors endure for three hot days at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. Essentially a grueling battle to determine the fittest man and woman alive.

To the competitors and us the viewers, it’s obvious that CrossFit isn’t just a regimen so much as it is an all-encompassing lifestyle. A lifestyle that I knew nothing about but selfishly became interested to observe up close. Like anything in life, there’s a tendency for us to judge want we fail to understand unless we’re willing to be curious enough to ask questions and respect what others hold high value to.

In comes Solace New York, a gym that’s become a nationwide sensation and where Alex Silver-Fagan happens to be a trainer which is how I became aware of it.

In partnership with Reebok, Solace held their Strong New York series which I had the pleasure to document. Strong New York is their way of building, developing and promoting strength in all of us. It was hosted by the incredible Jen Widerstrom, and they had bada$$ panel of trainers ready to lead attendants in a full day of workouts and seminars celebrating strength, mental toughness, body positivity, self-love and how to cultivate these beliefs.

CrossFit workouts vary on a day-to-day basis which is exactly what keeps it exciting. It’s always good to try new things. It’s fun! It’s good to change things up or else you’ll get bored out of your mind and the fact that you’ll always be surround with people cheering you on is just as rewarding.

I'm an avid gym going. I train 4 times a week a 6am in the morning. At this point I would say I more than definitely have a well established routine in place as far as consistency in going but I'm looking to change things up. For the New Year, I'll be giving CrossFit a spin for a month and document changes to my body along the way. What I've come to appreciate the most in CrossFit is that the aesthetic changes is more of a byproduct and the cornerstone is in the relationships you build.