Life is Not an Instagram Photo

When it comes to transparency in our work, Cap Wakins once said that the “more people who can see what you’re doing and how it’s evolving, the better.” Transparency is raw, it’s real and believe it or not, it’s appealing. There’s very few ways to establish trust with people but by far one of them is in being transparent. I’m not saying you have to set foot on a stage, adjust the mic and tell people your life’s secrets but you can rest assure that there’s people out there who admire something you do based on what you choose to share out on social media.

From a spectator’s perspective, it may seem you have everything figured out but we all know that’s not the case. In fact, I read somewhere that “no one tends to have their sh*t together until the age of 30 at the earliest”, so maybe that’s you and me. But to those who applaud the “socially polished, filter prettied world” they see on Instagram or any other platform, I encourage you to heed this advise from Megan Dalla-Camina:

This is so true! Life is not an Instagram photo. When I don’t get the chance to inject as much backstory into the caption of an Instagram photo, you can rest assure I’ve put in more time to writing about what I’ve share here on the blog. Whether people read it is one thing but I at least consider it to be my way in being transparent and that we’re all figuring sh*t out as we go along.