Adrienne Pitts: Life of a Freelance Traveling Photographer

Back in November of 2016, I had the privilege to be in attendance at Passion Passport’s first ever NYC speaker series. To kick it off, the first panel focused on women in photography where they discussed their travels and “what it takes to balance a love for exploration with a career in photography.” One of the 3 female photographers happened to be Adrienne Pitts, who’s work and writing I’ve praised multiple times in view of how she exemplifies the type of imagery that captivates and transports me right there with her. The talk was absolutely insightful and if at any point I might have felt I wanted to learn more about Adrienne’s photographic journey, lucky for you and I she was recently a guest on Feisworld Podcast which at the end, I considered the interview an extension to all the valuable tips she was gracious enough to share back in November with us in New York.

Very often it’s easy to become enamored with the idea of doing something that appears entertaining from the outside but unless there’s people like Adrienne who are willing to provide you a glimpse of what goes into creating the type of work that you and I drool over, you would never know. My biggest takeaway from the podcast episode: “I think it’s important to be brutally honest about what it’s like to work in this industry…sure it looks pretty on Instagram…it does look amazing but you can’t see the weeks and weeks spent editing on the computer and not talking to anyone.”