NYC in the Early 1970s

The one thing there will be absolutely no shortage of 10 to 15 years from now thanks largely in part to Instagram, our smartphones and the accessibility by which mostly everyone can get their hands on a reputable and dependable camera nowadays is the fact that we’ll know exactly what our neighborhood, our city and even our block looked like because of how much we currently photograph the heck out of them.

I may occasionally scoff at the typical stream of New York scenery we’ve all grown accustom to seeing all over the web right now but I think as I get older, I’ll more than likely look back and be very appreciative of all those people who spend countless hours documenting a city that’s forever changing.

“In the early 1970s, Camilo José Vergara trained his camera on scenes of everyday street life in New York City. His photographs captured kids playing on the street, subway cars before graffiti, sections of the Bronx that look bombed out, and the construction of the World Trade Center in progress.” I pulled up the entire photo essay on the iPad and handed it to my parents to see and boy were they taken back. These photographs may have seemed insignificant to people at the time but boy are they golden now. Amazing!