IN-Q on Saying Yes

I can’t say I’ve ever been into poetry but probably because I had yet to come across any that resonated with me in the right way. Like any literary piece, your choice between one thing or another might be dependent on the type of experiences you’ve had from them and by far IN-Q’s work is absolutely incredible. I must have re-watched this particular video more than 10 times just so I can fully synthesize the depth of his words. I became aware of who IN-Q was via Lewis Howe’s The School of Greatness Podcast and I quickly Youtubed him thereafter to familiarize myself more with his work.

Among my 2 favorites lines in this particular poetic piece he delivered in TEDxHollywood back in 2014 was:

The only think I know is that we’re all in this together and the future of this earth depends on how we treat each other but how we treat each other starts with how we treat ourselves and how we treat ourselves starts with how we see ourselves and how we see ourselves starts with context.”

Do something you’ve never done, do someone you’ve never done, go someplace you’ve never gone, some place that will scare you some, be someone you’ve never been…everywhere you are is where you’re suppose to be.”

I can't recommend enough for you to view it!