Nikeva in Studio

On every single chance I’ve had to catch up with Nikeva during one of her many unexpected visits to New York, I’ve had the luxury of her timing aligning perfectly with not just an impeccable warm weather but amplified by an even equally gratifying sunset. Obviously I can’t rely on such ideal circumstances in the middle of winter, so I took the opportunity of our most recent meet to push myself outside the comfort zone of relying on natural light to shoot the majority of my work and experiment with the daunting task of tinkering with studio lights.

I rented the same Brooklyn studio, attempted my best to recall all the technical stuff I had read without having it consume my every thought because if you do, I can foresee it being a lot like a choreographer counting their every step as oppose to enjoying the moment and connecting with the people around them. I absolutely have a lot to learn but it’s been a blast testing out concept that scared the heck out of me a year ago.

During the same session with Nikeva, I test shot with Tashon Hopkins as well."