I may not seem like it in the photos but you’ll have to take word when I say that Andrew Kung has epic apartment with a breathtaking view that overlooks downtown Brooklyn. Do you know what’s equally admirable? The fact that he manages with a little bit of effort to convert his living room space into this mini photo studio which he’s bragged about on multiple occasions, so when he extended the invitation to test it out, of course I couldn’t decline.

I was also fortunate enough to catch up and test shoot with Emma who like most people nowadays, I met through Instagram the year prior. Andrew was the person who by the way had suggested I invest on the infamous modifier Annie Leibovitz (Photek HSD-60 Umbrella Diffuser) uses which I did, so I brought it over to his apartment and between his and mine, we experimented with various forms of lighting and what you see is the result of a lot of tinkering with light.

My biggest takeaway from this impromptu test shoot is that regardless of epic you’re envisioning a shoot to be, especially with lights, make you’re you’re giving yourself ample time to get down the lighting to how you wanted before the model arrives because there’s nothing worst than wasting their time and yours. Normally I like to arrive an 1hr before but I ended up cutting it too close this time around.