Inside Brad Pitt’s GQ Style Cover Shoot

Everyone has their individualized reason for loving Brad Pitt. I’m sure you have yours or not, but regardless, I can’t ever recall a moment reading of anyone who’s expressed the opposite of admiration towards the guy. I’ve enjoyed a few films here and there, and while I may not necessary categorized myself as a fan, I have to admit it was riveting to read this candid story that’s been circulating, where he speaks for the first time about his divorce with Angelina Jolie. Yes, his personal life is his business and I absolutely respect people’s privacy, but more than anything, I was more drawn to the accompanying photographs to the story.

There’s so candid, so liberating, so unlike any setting in which I’ve ever seen Brad Pitt photographed in. I definitely encourage you to read the full interview with GQ Style Magazine but I equally encourage you to give Will Welch’s write-up a read as well where he gives you a BTS glimpse of the entire shoot.