Onboard Royal Caribbean

For the time being, especially with the kids, cruise vacations have certainly turned out to be a very cost-effective way us to indulge in the ultimate relaxation paradise that doesn’t involve cooking, cleaning, dealing with public transpiration but instead focused on great food, entertainment, enchanting destinations, worldly conversations with crew members, comfy accommodations all packaged and promised to delivered one heck of an experience.

I’m well aware that cruising is very often frowned upon within the travel community on the basis that vacationing in such a way may not necessarily allow you to fully immerse yourself within the culture of the countries you would be visiting but like anything else, you get what you put into it.

There’s a quota of people who never step foot off the ship and simultaneously could care less on what the local beer or typical Haitian dish in Labadee may be, but if you’re the group that does care, you would do anything to sift through the commercialized goods easily available in exchange for the culturally enlightening stuff that’s likely to convince you to come back on your own.


Here’s photographs taken on board Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas on the days that we remained at sea as we took a break from long yet exhilarating days at the port of calls.

A couples a quick pointers when it comes to cruising:

  • Always books in advance. We booked this trip 7 months before the scheduled departure date and there's always promotions going on building up to the date. We managed to snag a great price where both kid's ticket was free.
  • Realize you won't necessarily have enough time to do everything you would possibly like at each port of call but you'll at least get a taste and idea of each place has to offer where perhaps you can book a trip in the near future specific to that island.
  • I have one Carnival credit card and a Royal Caribbean all of which I always keep at zero balance which I use to make any purchases related to a cruise trip in order to build up points and get free credit onboard.
  • Once you're onboard the ship and with all the ammenites available, it's very easy to fall into the trap believing everything you can possibly want is already around you, so there's people who never leave the ship but I can't image what the allure would be in saying you've visited Bonaire when you've never even bother disembarking the cruise ship. Get out there and explore!