Financial Reality of a Career in Art in NYC

Whether we like it or not, money is very often the measuring stick of society and because we don’t necessarily want to feel short, talking about it fits right into that much-avoided bucket of difficult conversations to have. It’s a loaded conversation for sure and more so if you’re an artist. Add to that the fact that you find yourself living in New York and the whole vista changes.

There’s multiple reasons to avoid a chat around money but I can assure you everyone feels the same way unless you’re obviously Floyd Mayweather or some other a$$ who believes flaunting it is more priceless than doing something more valuable with it. Either way, you would think this similarity we share would empower us more to have an open dialogue but that’s generally not the case.

Like Erica said, “money is hard to talk about because everyone thinks that everybody else has more of it,” especially now in a world where “you can’t see beyond the filters”, which is why I found it completely fascinating to read this financed-focus series by the folks at i-D where they “rounded up five young creatives in the fashion industry and asked them to get real about money.”

What you read will either shock you or inspire you but hopefully not deflate you from pursuing what you love irrespective of any initial struggles!