8 Steps to Shooting Cinematic with Your iPhone

Typically anyone will tell you that the iPhone in your pocket is a sufficient enough device to go out there and explore a deep interest of yours and create something magical with it. It’s certainly been the case for me on a daily basis but as my interest with utilizing video has deepen, I realize that just pressing record may not be enough, especially when you’re hoping to achieve that indispensable cinematic feel to your videos.

Luckily there’s no shortage of videos on YouTube briefing you on how exactly one can achieve this polish look we all want but I personally found this one from Park Walbeck the most informative, as it pertains to all the technical aspects as far as setting up your iPhone for optimal performance when using Filmic Pro app which I had never considered.

I already own a stabilizer for my iPhone and I went ahead and purchased Filmic Pro app which really seems to be the most highly recommended for those who take their video creating passion seriously with their iPhone. In the end, who cares what you’re using as long as the story of what you’re conveying is compelling enough to resonated with anyone.