Jimmy Placide

A little Summer stroll through Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Jimmy. We both probably spent about 2hrs exploring, taking in the rapid changes undergoing in the neighborhood as well as the current state of the fitness industry which I’ve become completely obsessed with. For someone his size, it really took me by surprise when he stated how he doesn’t take any supplementation such protein powders, creatine or even BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids).

The world of supplements is apparently full of lies and it’s very easy to get sucked into all the hype especially when you have pop culture celebrities cashing in. I personally take protein powder simply because of the convenience at times as well as creatine but after much conversation with people who walk the talk with their impressive physique like Jimmy, it’s obvious that there’s no better place to get your rich nutriments from actual food as oppose to expensive stuff in containers.

If you spend an enormous amount of money on supplements and the only difference you see is less money in your checking account and not on your body then you’ll know something is off.