When Can You Really Call Yourself an Artist?

You are not less successful as an artist just because you don’t earn a full income from your art. You need to define success to yourself; is it earning loads of money or being able to create the things that you really want to create?

This is the type of comparison game that can really mess with your head, especially if you’re good friends with freelancers who are all in with their craft while you and I work full-times jobs and hustle with our creative identity on the side. I get it, it’s hard and we pretend we’re not jealous of how other’s are killing it with their camera, brush, writing or whatever but the silver lining to all this is that everyone has their own definition of success or at least should.

Yes, success for me would signify being able to sustain myself full time with my photography but I honestly don’t feel less of an artist just because I don’t yet. I’ve come along way with photography just being a “side thing” but I know that my fear of going all in is what’s kept it in the corner and in the process it's clouded my definition of success.